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1979 Triumph TR7



Fuel Type: Gasoline


Engine Size: 2.0L Inline 4 

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual

Body Color: Vermillion Orange


Body Style: Convertible


Miles: 24,897


Interior Color: Black


Secondary Interior Color: Orange Plaid


VIN: V742201201L 


This 1979 Triumph TR7 is outfitted with a slick vermillion orange paint job with black decals, a black convertible top, and black over plaid orange interior.


The TR7 and TR8 (the V8 powered version) were the final cars that Triumph ever made, which is a shame because the TR7 was one of the best cars they ever produced. The previous owner states that this British automobile is powered by the original 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission.


This TR7 is possibly the most agile Triumph, thanks to the 86-horsepower, two carbureted, inline four-cylinder engine used to propel the 2,200-pound vehicle. The consignor also states that the odometer shows the original miles on the vehicle, at just under 25,000 miles. The low mileage is not the only aspect that makes this car amazing, but also the condition of the body and interior are up to par for an original 25k mile Triumph.


The paint on this car is in good condition but obviously not perfect, there seems to be very minor paint blemishes due to use and enjoyment, but they are nowhere near obvious and major. Overall, the car shows extremely well for a 40+ year old, survivor vehicle.


The Triumph TR7 is known as the quintessential British sports car: two seats, convertible top, engine in front, drive out back, and as few controls as possible inside. With that being said, the car runs and operates as it should. The transmission shifts smoothly, brakes stop as they should, and steering is tight.


This little Triumph will be a great vehicle and piece of automotive history.

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